„No human being has superiority over another in justice!“

For our games we use the latest version of the Unreal Engine. Due to the outstanding application possibilities and diverse support, this engine corresponds to the most accurate development possibility of our projects. We focus on high quality and a standard of detail that only the Unreal Engine 5 can currently offer. Thanks to various technologies such as „Nanite“, „Lumen“ and many more, we have breathtaking design possibilities at our disposal. The photogrammetry technology lets the player hardly notice a difference to reality. Get ready for detailed showplaces with unique recognition values.

The individual and explicit work possibilities in Marvelous Designer make outfits unique. Like a tailor, we create each outfit by hand and implement it in our games. Here, not only colours play a role, but more importantly, the material. Since we focus on realism and a unique experience in our games, every detail has to be right. Therefore, we use only the best technology to give our characters the right outfit.

Everything gets better with Blender. That’s exactly what we say with over 10 years of experience in the game development industry. Like an all-purpose tool, many errors can be fixed, corrected or assets can be created. We trust in this software.