„Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.“

Mustafa Cabuk


Hi! My name is Mustafa and I am the founder of MetaUnrealWorld. With over 10 years of game development experience, I am excited to make this dream come true. As a family man, I am especially proud to share this journey with all of you. Welcome to MUW!

Ben Redgate


Over 5 years experience in the crypto space as an investor, community manager and team member on multi-million dollar projects. A lifetime avid gamer of both PC and console games. Masters degree in Biological Imaging and currently managing the testing and practical aspects of a world leading Research and Development department.

Tiwa Babayemi


Biomedical Engineering graduate. Digital marketing agency founder. Grew several e-commerce stores to six figures and scaled client businesses to seven figures. Conversion optimization, growth marketing, and copywriting specialist with extensive connections in ETH and BSC communities. Worked with several projects to develop their marketing capabilities, build their community, and develop brand strategy. Projects include Bonfire (495M MC ATH), Everrise (100M MC ATH), ANJI (16M MC ATH) and many others.

Mark Rogers


I Began my crypto journey early 2018 as an investor. In 2021 I created a personal roadmap to get me to where I am today. I started with a crypto focused YouTube channel following my journey as a complete novice, at the same time I found a solid project with a large community and began to engage in video and voice chat. Soon I became a familiar face of that project and got invited onto the core team. I then got involved with business development and utility creation. Through this I attended a few crypto events building some great relationships in the space. Mid 2022 I found Meta Unreal World, after discussions with Mustafa and Ben I got invited onto the team to help deliver MUW to the masses.